COVID-19 Updates

It brings us great joy to announce that we’re now able to treat both urgent and elective procedures!

In order to keep our staff and patients safe, we will do so with a couple added precautions to our regular office protocols.


Upon entering the office, you will be advised to grab a mask at the front desk. If you have your own, you’re more than welcome to wear it. 

Next, our front desk staff will take your, and your escort(s), temperature(s) with a contact-free thermometer. 

While we’re able to start seeing patients more regularly, we still have shortened hours during this time. 

Our temporary office hours are as follows:

Monday & Friday: 8AM – 4PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 8AM – 12PM


Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time.

As things change, we will keep you updated. 


Knoxville Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, in accordance with the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association, is helping prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus by following the recommended safety precautions. 

Dental procedures create water spray which is how the disease is spread. The ultra-fine nature of the spray can linger in the air for minutes to sometimes even hours, which can transmit the COVID-19 Virus. Since there is not yet a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus, there are still associated risks with dental office visits.


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